Motivation & Objectives

The International Symposium on Experimental and Computational Aerothermodynamics of Internal Flows (ISAIF) presents the most recent developments in experimental and computational researches, as well as industrial and technological advances in the fields of fluid dynamics and aerothermodynamics of internal flows.

ISAIF was organized for the first time in 1990 in the People´s Republic of China with the intention of encouraging scientific and technical cooperation between Asia and Europe. It is now extending this mission to all the continents around the word. The meetings were originally held every three years. Since 1999, the regulation has been changed to every second year to activate not only the scientific and technical communication but also the friendship of our members. Meetings are organized alternatively in Asia and Europe.

The main goal of the ISAIF is to review recent progress achieved in internal fluid mechanics and aerothermodynamics by the exchange of results and discussions on major internal flow problems among scientists and engineers in this field. The organizers would like to promote a broad cooperation and exchange of new ideas between specialists in order to consolidate recent advances in the fundamental knowledge of aerodynamics and the thermal processes involved.

The best papers of this International Symposium will be published in the Journal of Thermal Science.

Past Meetings

  • 11th ISAIF, 2013, Hangzhou, China
  • 10th ISAIF, 2011, Brussels, Belgium
  • 9th ISAIF, 2009, GyeongJu, Korea
  • 8th ISAIF, 2007, Lyon, France
  • 7th ISAIF, 2005, Tokyo, Japan
  • 6th ISAIF, 2003, Shanghai, China
  • 5th ISAIF, 2001, Gdansk, Poland
  • 4th ISAIF, 1999, Dresden, Germany
  • 3th ISAIF, 1996, Beijing, China
  • 2nd ISAIF, 1993, Prague, Czech Republic
  • 1st ISAIF, 1990, Beijing, China